WebCamp Ljubljana is the unconference where Web developers share knowledge, experience, and vim configurations.

It's organized by the community for the community. There will be over 300 attendees from Slovenia and the region. All talks will be in English.

Topics that will be covered are: Front end, Back end and DevOps. There will be three tracks: Front-end, Back-end and DevOps. And the fourth, most important one: Good Time with old and new friends, good coffee and lots and lots of discussions with interesting people.

We want our events to be open and welcoming to everyone, so we ask you that you follow our Code of Conduct.

Location and Tickets

When: 12th March 2016
Where: Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana
Cost: free, but you need a ticket. WebCamp 2016 is SOLD OUT

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If you are a current student of Faculty of Computer and Information Science, you can get a ticket by emailing us at

We thank the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana for hosting us.

Detailed instructions on getting to the Faculty building

If you are arriving by car, you can park on the either side of the Faculty building.



Registration opens / Everyone with a ticket, welcome!


Opening remarks

Talks / We will start with first set of talks.

Room 1 / Frontend

Room 2 / Devops

Room 3 / Backend

Iot corner


IoT corner will take place from 10:00 to 13:00. You'll be able to check it out during coffee/tea break and beginning of lunch break.


Break / Time for Coffee and Tea and time for IoT corner.

Talks / Second set of talks.

Room 1 / Frontend

Room 2 / Devops

Room 3 / Backend


Lunch / Pizza for everyone.


Lightning talks 1 / First set of lightning talks start at this point.


Lightning talks 2 / Second set of lightning talks.


Closing remarks


Party at STA Travel Cafe! Sponsored by Toptal.


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This event would not be possible without the generous help of Faculty of Computer and Information Science. They also host a lot of other interesting events. Check out their event list and different post-graduate study programms.

Highlights from 2015

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Phone: 041 893 765 (Jure Čuhalev)



  • Mojca Berce
  • Jure Čuhalev
  • Sabina Hosta
  • Klemen Robnik
  • Ana Sustič

Talks committee

  • Swizec Teller
  • Erika Pogorelc
  • Brian King
  • Miha Rekar